(below) Interactive wireframe for the UX of Unlimited Texter created in Balsamiq.
(below) Promotional material outlining a scenario in which the service would appeal to a certain youthful market, targeted with complementary artwork.
(below) Unlimited Texter landing page.
(below) Various screenshots showing the flow and finished artwork for Unlimited Texter.
(below) Unlimited Texter original icons.
(below) Jumping in 3D space. This was a prototype for a 'Global Leap' campaign for Unlimited Texter. The idea was that the character could jump from country-to-country with ease, like how the Unlimited Texter service allowed customers to text friends on the other side of the world.
(below) 'Good Things Come In Threes' campaign for 'Unlimited Texter'. I created some freaky little twins in honour of The Shining. The idea was to show that we could improve upon '2-for-1' offers, pointing out that sometimes, bad things come in twos!
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