Client's Chosen Option:
Featured on The Gail Collection's Instagram page. 

The brief was updated to incorporate "dramatic music". As a result, I decided to give the video an energy that responds to the beats of the music - the photos of the collection are introduced with more impact.

I also added a little intro piece of monochrome footage showing the model in a photo shoot with the company name and the collection identity briefly called out before further explanation in the next shot. This technique was used in many 1990's fashion videos.

The video has also been redesigned to 1:1 for Instagram from the first 16:9 iteration.
Option 1:
The brief called for "clean, feminine, plum / maroon colour of the season and a little bit of classy sultry" so I worked up an initial option showing some nice time-lapse footage of the model in the various items of the range.
The idea was to hit on the brief topics while leaving space to include static photos of the items once the style was agreed upon. Although the client was happy with this style, I felt that we needed a change once the brief was updated to attempt to incorporate more dramatic music. The client also requested more of a monochrome format for the updated brief so a lot of the plums and maroons are gone in the finished video, although I keep some in for the nice time-lapse section at the end.
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