(below) Bar tender and waiting staff apron created for Pepsi Max. Printed logo on top of an apron with a pocket and an apron without a pocket.
(below) Some drink coasters that I produced for Pepsi's sponsorship of the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League.
(below) The Brief: 
"For their new campaign, Pepsi Max wants to associate their brand to be consumed with burgers. Suggest an item that would be interesting to be done for them? Salt and Pepper shakers, branded napkins or trays are items that you usually see, so try to think outside the box. Think about the 'ritual' when someone goes to get a burger, think about items you see on the table, in the pub, etc that has potential to be branded or be explored."

The phrase 'Try to think outside the box' jumped out at me as it immediately gave me license to be creative, while also giving me a idea: the word 'box'. This evoked the image of a McDonalds Happy Meal in my mind for some reason. But I didn't want to create something 'cheap' or aimed at kids.

The brief hadn't mentioned what kind of dining market that Pepsi were targeting. I sketched up some ideas for an 'all-in-one' dining experience which would include utensils, but would be aimed at the 'gourmet burger/pub grub' market. Something that would eliminate the need for washing dishes while using eco-friendly, biodegradable materials and allowing maximum surface area for branding. 
(below) Running with this idea, I designed this packaging. The burger pin keeps the burger in place while also providing a lock for the packaging, keeping everything secure.
When you take it out, the packaging can unfold and the burger is presented to you on a plinth. Ultimately, this packaging could be used across different markets and wouldn't need to be restricted to the 'gourmet burger' audience I mentioned above. It's a flexible design.
(below) Wooden chopping board designs with Pepsi Max logo, using printed and wood burning techniques.
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