(Below) The brief requested the design and production of a special wrap that could be tied securely to hold in place various jars and items. Previous designs for this item were made entirely of a soft dark leather with elasticated straps. From a design point of view, the previous designs were lacking in graphic elements to depict the brand or the purpose of the product. In addition to this, the soft leather wasn't practical for securely stowing the jars. 
As a result, I proposed a design made from a durable canvas with individual pockets to hold the items - each secured by a leather strap with a snap button. The backdrop of the design would depict a map of the world, with careful consideration taken into account for Jameson's new rebrand. 
(Below) Finished Grad Kit wrap.
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(Below) Photos of finished Grad Kit wrap in more detail.
(Below) Original artwork and mockups for the Grad Kit wrap.
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