(below) A deck of products I designed for Jameson Brand Homes, ranging from clothing, to bags, hats and even Christmas decorations.
Please use the arrows to scroll through the presentation. 
(below) Jameson glass packaging incorporating the rebrand and updated brand colours.
(below) Jameson tin canister created for the American market, specifically California. The idea was to accentuate various elements of California while remaining true to the brand's guidelines. Here, I have used San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge as a landmark.
(below) In this example, I used a more general landmark - the shape of the state of California. I've also incorporated Malibu's palm trees alongside slogans that were suggested to us by Jameson's US marketing team.
A showcase of some bar runner designs. Jameson updated their branding this year, incorporating a new logo, a new signifier, and new customs patterns and colours. The detail of the individual embosses of the bar runner are actually barrel-shaped.
(below) A final die cut render, highlighting the Jameson arch logo alongside the J signifier. 
To create this project, I used Illustrator, Photoshop and Maya.
(below) A silicone bar runner that features one of the new patterns that Jameson are using this year - in this case, it's their 'Barley' pattern. In addition to this, the J signifier has been rendered in a copper style. Another variation provided below shows the J signifier embossed onto a copper seal or disc.
(below) Variations on the above. Efforts to subtly show the new patterns and colours.
(below) A large Jameson logo emblazoned across the front of the silicone bar runner. Jameson have very strict guidelines and brand colours, so everything I created for them adhered to the requisite Pantone colours. 
(below) Another variation using die cutting techniques to change the shape of the bar runner and accentuate the various elements, such as the J signifier in this case.
(below) Jameson have a number of other icons that are used across their range. In this example, I've worked some of the icons into the bar runner. I've also changed the barrel dimples into the J signifier.
(below) Tin bar runner. Traditional and rustic. Jameson were trying to explore different options for bar runners using eco-friendly materials.
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